Penguen Gıda

It was established by Gençoğlu Family in 1989 in an area of 7.500 thousand square meters in Bursa where is at the heart of the most productive cultivated areas of Turkey. Penguen Gıda which was established entirely for exportation has grew tenfold in 23 years with its factory designed in line with European standards, machine parks and warehouses. Heading towards internal market in 1996, Penguen Gıda is currently making production at the world standards on a closed area of 75 thousand square meters as well as an open area of 250 thousand square meters.

Displaying its feature to be the first firm bringing the European standards to our country in many fields, Penguen Gıda possesses the certificate of “BRC-A Quality” which is the highest quality certificate given to a limited number of special brands in the world by EFSIS in addition to ISO 22000 (HACCP) and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standards.

Penguen Gıda which offers the preserved products in hygienic glass jars at first hand and enrichs its 100 % local product range consisting of jam, preserved vegetables, ready meals, preserved boiled legumes, tomato and pepper paste, pickles and frozen food day by day currently delivers all of its products to all parts of Turkey with its expansive distribution channel composed of 8 regional directorates and 40 dealerships.

Exporting 50 % of its production and being one of the most important exporters of its sector, Penguen Gıda has exported its products to 35 world countries including Germany, the USA, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia and Sweden.


With about 10 thousand farmers, 70 % of those are contracted, and its cultivation fields covering an area of 40 thousand decares, Penguen Gıda is one of the biggest agricultural raw material buyers of Turkey.


Having one of the most modern plants of Europe in its sector, Penguen Gıda has great advantages owing to its strategic position in Bursa that is close to regions and ports where raw materials of fruit and vegetable are intensely supplied as well as big cities where intensive consumption occurred within the internal market. By courtesy of plants to be located close to productive cultivation areas, healthy fruits and vegetables grown under the control of Agriculture Engineers of Penguen Gıda can be transported to the factory immediately. Moreover, products can be offered to customers after they are treated in modern machines without losing their quality and freshness.


In the production of preserves, Penguen Gıda utilizes a completely automatic line system. This facility allows to provide the highest quality products to the customers by using the most fresh fruits and vegetables were collected seasonably and selected carefully are preserved without using additives as untouched by human hands under the most hygienic conditions to appeal to the taste of customers and offered to them in healthy glass jars at their most natural forms. I.Q.F. (Individual Quick Frozen) technique is used and the treated fruits and vegetables are quick-frozen individually in the frozen food plants of Penguen. By courtesy of this technique, products do not release their cellular juice and do not lose their nutritional values. Thus, any decomposition is out of question in the physical structure and natural tastes of products. With this technique, fruits and vegetables can be stored and consumed even more healthfully than the time of collection.

About 80 % of domestic sales is made to national and local market chains whereas the rest of the production is sold to middle sized retailers as well as mass consumption channels including hotels, restaurants and cafeterias. Besides, Penguen Gıda makes Private Label productions for store chains both in the domestic and foreign markets and it also meets intermediate product-treated raw material needs of many food firms.

Shares of Penguen Gıda have been open to public since 1998 and the firm strengthened its financial structure by concluding successful partnerships with Deutsche Investitions und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (DEG) affiliated to KFW which is one of the leading finance institutions of Germany in 2001 by 12,74 % of its capital and ADM Capital in 2006 by 13,04 % of its capital.

Penguen Gıda was selected as the 737th within the 500 Big Industrial Organizations 2010 ranking of ISO Turkey, whereas the 564th in the First 1000 Exporters 2010 ranking made by Turkish Exporters ‘Association (TİM) in addition to took a part as the 18th place in the Biggest 250 Firms of Bursa 2010 ranking of BTSO (Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Trade) in its sector. Moreover it is also listed among the first 3 exporters of its sector. According to the data of 2007 announced by the Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry and Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, Penguen Gıda became the first in Turkey as the company with the highest export volume in the field of fruit and vegetable products.

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