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Yayla Agro Food Industry and Transport Co. Ltd is a company that was established in 1980s as a Durukan Ltd in Ankara. Our company has taken its deserved position in the sector by raising the quality bar since its founding in the industry in an effort to provide the best quality and service. From its inception to today, the quality of the sensitivity of our company from the packaging to the product from the workers to the marketing logic makes enable our company to move through the levels of client satisfaction and these principles has made our company more successful day by day. Our company, which also carries on overseas activity, has continued to its activities by setting up separate teams for this international market. In the domestic market our company has established dealership network in 65 provinces and by providing sale more than 20,000 products at the retail point in 80 provinces including the national stores has acted in the framework of a different overview marketing logic. Our company, which is looking for quality at every level and performing the best quality with his name, has been entitled to get Food Codex and TSE, which are indispensable in the sector. Apart from these certificates, our company has been registered to capture the compatibleness to European Union food production norms with the certificates of ISO 9000 and ISO 22000. Our company is today Ankara’s honor in the world and continues to work towards becoming a brand.

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